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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  June 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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soon as we get it. one evacuee says the fire wasn't the scariest part, it was the suffocating smoke. >> i didn't see flames in the beginning but black smoke. by the time we ended upcoming out here, i did see some flames. that really got scary. after the flames t smoke was so thick, you had to go like to make sure you could breathe. that is when they told us go back further and further. >> plenty of witnesses shot videos an photos at the height of this fire. you can see the black smoke just pouring out of the building. you can see firefighters of the roof battling the flames. jesse lash tweeted this photo of the smoke billowing away. and, amy's photo, you can see
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the black smoke. all of these photos are coming out on twitter. let's go back to emily turner who is live on the scene to give us the very latest. emily? all right, again, we will get back to her in a few minutes. that is the latest situation on the fire. crews are still there battling. now to oakland where the police department is reeling from multiple scandals and a series of changes at the top. kpix5's da lin shows us the community is clearly exasperated. >> i'm here to run a police department, not a frat house. >> the mayor is clearly frustrated. but what about the people? >> i'm terribly embarrassed. i have friends from chicago asking he ma what is going on. >> it is just a little
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shocking. three chief ins one week. now there is no chief and one major scandals rocking the police department. >> reporter: from sexual misconduct to mishandling of homicide reports to racist text messages. >> it puts a bad name on our city. >> it is a disgrace. it doesn't really speak to oakland's character. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf says a group of black officers sent racist messages to each other. one officer was placed on leave. >> weird for a black officer to send to another black officer. i don't think it is anything funny. >> what he did was wrong. there is only one right, one wrong. they broke the law and should be held accountable. >> reporter: it is more than just getting rid of a few bad apples. major schaaf is trying to regain the people's trust. >> to root out what is clearly a toxic macho culture. >> i hope we don't miss the
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opportunity to create the changes we need. >> the city administrator has taken over the police department until they can find a permanent chief. as for the racist text messages, the investigations should be done in a week or two. in oakland, da lin, kpix5. >> the police union put out a statement saying the scandal does not represent what they stand for. union president barry donlon said our officers are just as disappointed as everyone else on the blemish we have made on oakland police officers who come to work every day and work hard to serve our community. our phil matier asked mayor brown to weigh in on how libby schaaf is handling the spiraling scandal. >> my advice is to stay the course. believe me. you enjoy being mayor for the fire 100 days. you enjoy being mayor a whole year unless you come to a problem. and when you do, you begin to
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show exactly who you are. >> you can catch phil's full interview tomorrow morning at 7:30 on kpix5. well oakland police will be out in force as the nba finals come to a close. they will be keeping an eye out for any trouble surrounding game seven. the chp and alameda county sheriff's office will have extra staff on hand just in case and you can get game tickets. but you might need a lot of money. take out a loan first. hi mike. >> reporter: yeah, you can get tickets. let's just say, there is some crazy stupid ridiculous monopoly type money floating around the bay area. but a lot of it will be spent at oracle arena tomorrow. how much would you pay to attend a sporting event? >> i would probably pay $500. >> reporter: that's a lot of money. but for the one tomorrow night, the seat has already sold for ten times that much. it is a comfy chair.
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not the most plush piece of furniture you have ever seen. but it is $50,000. you are not paying for this chair. you are paying for the view. two of these seats went for $50,000 each. >> turns out it is the highest ticket ever sold on stub hub. >> reporter: that is for any game in any stadium in any city so far this century. what can you get with that money? how about a new car? the 2014 porshe. [ unintelligible ] it is about $100,000. >> what we hear from fans is it is so much more about the experience than what they pay. this is the potential to be a historic game. >> reporter: you want to pay more? you can. >> one guy has tickets posted for $214,000 each. i don't know if anyone will buy that. >> reporter: brandon schneider says tickets go as low as $747
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online. but he says beware of bogus tickets. >> we see 40 to 50 fraudulent tickets per game. >> reporter: you can't get bogus tickets on and don't put your tickets on social media or on tv. for the last game of the season, i showed this ticket. and someone apparently copied the bar code, made a fake ticket and got in the game before my friend did. she had a lot of explaining to do. and some people are getting those seats for free. >> would you pay $50,000 to sit on the court? >> tomorrow is game seven of the nba finals. the two best teams in the nba history. >> what's the most you would pay for a seat? >> oh, 49,999. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and he makes a lot of money. all right, tomorrow, it is father's day. there is an as game. and, this game starts at 5:00. the warriors are asking us to tell you if you got that kind of money and buy these seats,
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to get here early. in oakland, mike sugerman, kpix5. >> mike, the million dollars question, what are you doing on father's day? are you going to be at the game? are you working? what are you doing? >> i am working. i will be at the game. >> okay. >> but, it is work. it is first world problems. >> don't let us fool you. okay mike. thank you very much. and if you are lucky enough to be going to game seven, give yourself plenty of time to get there. yes. the as game at the coliseum will be letting out. right around the same time warriors traffic will start streaming in along with mike sugerman and our work truck. fans are being encouraged to take bart to both games to minimize traffic tieups. >> i-80 will be shut down in san pablo starting at 11:00. they are working on an interchange improvement project between san pablo avenue and san pablo dam road.
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the freeway will reopen at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. in antioch, a nasty wreck, one person killed, four others hurt when a car slammed into a tree at hill crest avenue. the driver died on impact. four passengers were taken to the hospital. they are all expect today be okay. police are investigating whether drugs or alcohol played a role there. and pittsburgh police bought back people's guns today with no questions asked. anyone who lives in contra costa county could take advantage of the buy back at pittsburgh city hall. and it was all anonymous. the guns just had to be empty. and sitting in the trunk of a car. payments ranged from 50 to $350 depending on the exact type of weapon. >> as long as it is operable or can be operable with work, it is on the lower end. a $50 gift card. but we still taking the weapons. as long as anybody can spend a little time making it operating. the idea is to get operating firearms off the street.
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>> police made the payments with target gift cards. chevron and shell helped provide the money. new at 6:00, an international soccer vibe is taking over levi stadium. a big copa america match. len ramirez is with the fans. hey len. >> reporter: you know, it is fiesta time here at levi stadium in santa clara. give you a look at some of the fans getting ready to go into the game. a big quarter final match between mexico and chile. from mexico, this is like a home game. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: music and dance, food, and football. only a few chile supporters in the crowd. 70,000 strong will be packing in but after the orlando nightclub massacre, an effort is underway to get mexican fans
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to drop a popular but homophobic chant. >> today, i tried to invite all the mexicans not to use a bad word. okay? every time the goalie from the other team kicks the ball, we say a bad word. so on my side i try to say no, stop it. we can say football. but not the bad word. >> reporter: santa clara police have had some practice here with big events including the super bowl, of course, in february. so far, so good. everyone seems to be having a good time. but, it is doubtful that the fans will stop using that chant at least in this game. it is going to take some time. it has been sort of in the soccer realm for the last couple of years. it is now spreading going to games in america as well as around the world. len ramirez, kpix5. >> thank you len. a chinese tech firm will be
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expanding state side in the shad low of levi stadium. le echo just bought a 50-acre parcel of land from yahoo. they paid a quarter billion dollars for the site. it could be home to 12,000 workers or more eventually. still ahead, you have a betters chance of being hit by lightning than encountering this rare snake. the bay area teen who is lucky to be alive after a viper attacked her on vacation. >> plus, the fight against zika virus goes high-tech. the new tv that claims it can keep mosquitoes away. >> i have to keep high temperatures away. pressure is on. heat is up. the forecast is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight.. after being bitten by one of the rarest- and deadliest -- snakes in the world. kpix 5's mark kelly the summer vac >> a teen from american canyon is hospitalized after being bitten by one of the rarest deadlyist snakes in the world. mark kelly has the story. >> reporter: audrey benton was
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enjoying a nice dinner with her family in belize when one bite from a venomous snake turned their trip into a struggle to survive. >> she collapsed within ten seconds. >> reporter: audrey's mom sarah was sending the reverend constant updates on her 15-year- old daughter's condition and asking everyone back home to pray. >> this is one of the deadliest snakes. 90% of those bitten by it do not survive. so i reminded sarah that we believe in a god of miracles and so, to just trust that god at this point. >> reporter: it is called a fer de lance snake. here is what it looks like. >> she was vomiting and seizing on the ground. >> reporter: her coach got the terrifying text that audrey's health was so dire she was being flown to a hospital all the way in florida that
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specializes in potentially fatal animal bites. that medavac flight was a week ago. today, audrey with hardly speak, but she has gotten out of the icu and into rehab. >> the road to recovery will be very long. very challenging. but i have no doubt that he will make a full recovery. virtually no doubt that when it recovering fully, she will be back in action. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. >> wow, well the family's church has launched a go fund me account to help with audrey's medical expenses. new concerns of a rapid rise in zika cases. it is spreading through puerto rico putting many pregnant women at risk. they are studying blood donations. hundreds of babies could be born with zika related defects within a year. other news, the tech giant lg is taking an innovative
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approach to that particular crisis. it is selling a new tv in india that comes complete with mosquito repellant technology inside. it uses ultrasonic waves the humans can't hear to keep the insects away. it even works when the tv is off. a fast moving massive wild fire in santa barbara county is burning out of control. the sherpa fire has scorched 6,048,000 acres. about 270 homes in ranches are at risk. nearby campgrounds and canyons have been evacuated. >> we just got what is most important to us to him. and we got that. jewelry. maybe some pictures that mean something to us. >> firefighters are worried about strong winds this weekend. and an extreme heat wave.
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also in los angeles, people flocked the beaches to beat the heat. traffic was hardly moving along the pacific coast highway and parking shots were hard to find. temperatures are expected to hit triple digits this weekend and the heat is expected to last until early next week. yes indeed. nicely done there juliette goodrich. the numbers are warm today, but not as warm as they will be tomorrow. they have excessive heat warnings posted down south. we will not hit that territory but we will be hitting 90s by tomorrow afternoon in the east bay. and as we look toward the bay and the bay bridge, the numbers now in concord, 83 degrees. livermore, 80. in san francisco, 67 degrees. it will be a nice day for the dads tomorrow. one of them just entered the studio. vern glenn. overnight lows. mid 50s will do it.
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down to 55 in santa rosa. sun up bright and early at 13 minutes before 6:00 a.m. and, this is where the excessive heat warnings are posted from the tehachapi mountains in the north to death valley. mojave desert. looks like they left the mountains thereupon because they have snow on the ground above palm springs but elsewhere, it will be hot in the desert southwest. high pressure is building in strongly. the border between arizona and new mexico, low pressure is hovering over the pacific northwest. this evening they have a few showers to contend with in seattle but even they will dry out. low clouds to the rescue. here is how it looks tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. it will be perfectly clear. we will get a few high clouds by 11:00 in the morning tomorrow. but as the day wears on, things clear out. this is sunday afternoon. a few high clouds in the north bay. that is about it. nothing in the way of cooling stratus. just high clouds coming up
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through monday. midday. because of the rotation on the western side of that high. alameda county fair looking pretty good. 92 degrees tomorrow. if you are looking for something to do. how about pleasanton? a little bit on the warm side. san mateo county fair, 80 degrees and sunny this weekend. and, stern grove in san francisco tomorrow. it will be sunny for the festival. about 70 degrees. so, to sum it all up, warming trend, it will heat up tomorrow. highs will reach mid 90s inland by monday. it will cool a little bit by late thursday. the numbers warmer than average. concord, will hit 91 in san jose. 88. oakland, 78 degrees. in tex tended forecast, numbers stay warm. they warm even more monday and tuesday. mid 90s inland. mid 80s around the bay. shoreline remains as usual a refuge from the really warm temperatures. we begin to cool it down a little bit. down into the mid 80s inland and 70s around the bay.
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but, in general, hope you like warm weather because we are going to get some. it will be a great weekend to take a walk in the national parks. >> absolutely. still to come, the first family doing just that. vacationing in california tonight visiting a national treasure. with game seven pressing, mowing, pressure that is, steph curry addresses his critic and his wife's social media. rolled up their sleeves.. ,,,, (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco.
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we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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♪ this goes out to every backyard hero. for all the effort you put into making the perfect barbecue, there's only one grill that's engineered and designed with the same kind of passion, weber. available at the home depot. to spruce up the marina tod. they also picked up litter. >> dozens of volunteers in san francisco grabbed their rakes and rolled up their sleeves to spruce up the marina. they picked up litter, washed the schoolyard and power washed and removed overgrowth around public scares. the first family is in california this weekend visiting a national treasure. >> they are visiting yosemite to mark the 100th anniversary of the national park service. the president used the
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beautiful backdrop to share a serious message. >> reporter: nothing could interrupt the quiet of a peaceful place like the president of the united states. >> there is something sacred about this place. >> reporter: they touched down in air force one and spent the night in yosemite. >> it is a park that captures the wonder of the world. >> reporter: and he used the sentinel bridge as a backdrop. >> make no mistake, climate change is no longer just a threat, it is already a reality. >> reporter: the president said the meadows here are drying out and bird ranges are drifting north ward. he also mentioned longer, dangerous, more expensive wild fire seasons raging across the west. to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the national park system, he says it pays for all of us to support them.
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>> these parks help to drive our national outdoor industries. boots, tents, mountain bikes, snow mobiles. >> reporter: they took brief hikes before and after the speech. anne makovec, kpix5. >> president obama will be in the bay area friday at stanford in the last president to visit yosemite? >> tell me. >> tell us. >> president kennedy back in 1962. >> good place to visit. all right, game seven. come on. >> bring it on. >> what you got going? >> this time tomorrow, game seven will be underway. it's the cavaliers and the dubs, folks. it's the moment of truth for steph curry. >> i need to play my guest game of the year if not my career. it doesn't mean score 50 points though. >> curry did score 30 points in the game six loss. ejected for the first time in his career after he launched
6:25 pm
his mouthpiece into the crowd in frustration. his wife tweeted this series was rigged. curry and kerr both charged $25,000. >> early in my career it is like just don't pick up the morning paper and you can avoid that stuff. now it is pretty hard to avoid the scrutiny and the criticism. you know. don't have a cell phone like, i don't think that works anymore. >> between me and ayisha, that will be handed. but other than that, that doesn't take any spotlight off of what my job is on the floor. i might have to cut the wife wi-fi off in my house. >> good line. you want to know what i think about this game. right? >> kind of. >> i have questions. >> okay. >> who is going to be the rim protecter? who will be held defense when lebron just starts to drive in
6:26 pm
there? who is going to guard tristan thompson when he is left open? when are these shots gong to fall? these are questions you have to ask yourself. i haven't felt good about this game seven matchup. though vegas which is never wrong, they are going all warriors all the time because it is at home. and the home teams rarely ever lose a final game seven. >> they got the game seven. it will be good either way. but home court advantage. that's all i got to say. >> it will be roar-icle for sure. the san jose earthquakes playing an emotional game in orlando tonight. the two team's touching tribute to the nightclub shooting victims. >> and, a donald trump rally. inside, trump was pushing for looser gun control laws. >> and, how joan rivers' estate auction is generating big bucks for a bay area charity. ,, hey pal? you ready?
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a 5-alarm fire ripped throu row of buildings at 29th and mission in san francis >> you're watching kpix5 news. >> our top story tonight, a five alarm fire ripped through a row of buildings in san francisco. at least six buildings are damaged. and a shelter in place is in effect because of the smoke. our emily turner is at the scene. sounds like it will be a long night. >> reporter: i just talked to a public information officer. flames right where the waterspout is headed. that flame is going to be burning for hours. firefighters will be out here even longer. anyone who is here should expect all of these roads in
6:30 pm
this entire area to be shut down until tomorrow morning. we have gotten new information. unfortunate information which is that some of these pets are unaccounted for or missing. they don't know if the pets are gone or injured or what. but they are looking for that. the good news, not a single human being has an injury. there was a little bit of smoke inhalation, but no major injuries of any kind including firefighters and the people who lived here. nine businesses are affected six buildings including eight different addresses and 40 different people. but right at this point, it is a defensive fire burning situation where they are basically outside of this building and just pouring gallons and gallons of water on it because it is not safe to go inside. in fact, at one point, they had to pull the firefighters out because the flames got so big. >> the windows broke in the rear of the building and a
6:31 pm
prevailing wind coming out of the back. they were reporting heavy smoke and heavy heat conditions. i regrouped. got to a next area location and began the fire fight from the exterior of the building. >> reporter: i want to show you something out here live. this is all of the water run off from the fire. they have sandbags. they are giving it to all the local business owner to try to prevent any more damage from being done when it comes to the fire. already as we said, six buildings and a lot of homes, possibly pets here as some of the damage and the casualties in this fire. but again, to recap, no human injuries at this point. there is still a shelter in place order in place as well as
6:32 pm
the evacuation in place. let me give you the address of the shelter in case you need to know or you need to tell anybody about that. it is at 1156 valencia. that is for anybody who needs to get out of their home. the red cross is there helping these folks. they are saying stay inside. they gave us these because the smoke is so severe and it is also inclusive of chemicals because it is hardware store. we are expecting another update within the hour from san francisco police. and i'm also updating my facebook. my facebook page as well as the kpix5 facebook page. so be sure to tune in there for any information on this rapidly evolving situation. reporting live in the mission, emily turner, kpix5. >> we appreciate that information. well, coming up also, it has been nearly one week since the orlando massacre which claimed 49 lives. weijia jiang shows us today. friends and family gave their final farewells to several of the victims. >> reporter: 21-year-old corey
6:33 pm
connell did not live to see his dream of becoming a firefighter come true. the mayor of orange county florida declared him an honorary one at his funeral. >> i stand before you as a mom grieving and i want you to know that our whole community is grieving. >> reporter: connell's was one of many services happening over the weekend for the pulse nightclub shooting. the grief rippled across puerto rico too. nearly half to the 49 victims were puerto rican including 28- year-old angel condelario padro. >> we lost an angel. god has a new angel. >> reporter: outside several of the funeral services here in orlando, community members, even strangers, filled the streets to show their support. >> they came to orlando and we pushed it back. >> reporter: volunteers made
6:34 pm
and wore 11 massive angel wings to shield mourners from protesters. 32-year-old christopher linenan's funeral. >> we are giving our support to those who are fallen, grieving. and love wins. >> reporter: the community vows to remain orlando strong. weijia jiang, cbs news, orlando, florida. today, the orlando city soccer team honored the victims of the shooting before today's match against the san jose quakes. everyone in the stadium came together to sing the national anthem. fans waved rainbow flagged and held balloons. play stopped during the 49th minute of the game. there was a moment of silence to honor the 49 victims of the shooting and fans wore a certain color to reprint the
6:35 pm
rainbow flag. president obama used the tragic events in orlando to renew his call for tougher gun control. >> time and again, we have observed moments of silence for victims of terror and gun violence. too often, those moments have been followed by months of silence. by inaction. that is simply inexcusable. if we are going to raise our kids in a safer more loving world, we need to speak up for it. >> donald trump shared a decidedly different view in a rally in texas. told the crowd things would have been different if people had guns of their own. >> and one of the people in that room happened to have it and goes boom, boom, you know what? that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight folks. that would have been a beautiful sight. >> ironically before trump spoke, police arrested a man with a gun in a hotel parking garage. it is not clear what he was
6:36 pm
planning to do. >> trump is hate! trump is hate. >> outside a trump rally, opponents used a megaphone to shout down a supporter of trump. and trump had another protester kicked out for interrupting his speech. hillary clinton took the day off for the campaign trail for a very good reason. she is a grandmother again. chelsea gave birth to a baby boy. this is the second child for chelsea and her husband mark. her daughter charlotte is 20 months old. in pennsylvania, a man is facing child sex assault charges after 12 girls were found in his home. police say 51-year-old lee caplin was holding the girls ages six months to 18 years in his house. an amish couple is also facing charges for allegedly gifting their daughter to him as thanks for financial support. the oldest girl says lee fathered her two daughters. neighbors say they knew
6:37 pm
something wasn't right. >> we noticed these little children. these little girls. only little girls. they would be outside, very sporadically. very rarely you would see one or two. >> the girls are now in child protective custody. all three adults are being held on a million dollars bond. welcoming up tonight on 48 hours, susan spencer on the final chapter of a murder mystery that pitted father against son for four years. >> oldest son was there front in center and witnessed his father entering the courtroom dressed in prison blues and shackles. >> after the divorce, he became more confrontational with my mother. >> step forward and tell me what you want me consider. >> reporter: he said his father's fatal decision has caused so much damage. >> the fact my father clearly premed tated my own mother's murder. making the judgment that she was not fit to live is
6:38 pm
something i will have to carry for the rest of my life. >> reporter: on september 27, 2011, her boyfriend found her lifeless body drowned in her bathtub. >> tapped on the door. said hello. hello. opened the door. and there she was underwater. >> i thought about my dad's behavior before and after her death. it became more and more apparent to me that he was responsible for killing her. >> if you would like to come to the podium, i would be happy to hear. >> reporter: johnny wall, the former pediatrician emphatically denied any involvement in his ex-wife's death. >> i did not kill uta. i am innocent of this crime. >> what the jury found is chilling crime. >> reporter: he does not expect his father ever will admit to killing his mother. >> he created his own truth. i don't think he is necessarily going to change that.
6:39 pm
>> that story is coming up tonight at 9:00 on kpix5. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the sale features antique brooches, diamond encrusted rings, and 25 costumes oncen by rivers.. one diamond- >> joan rivers' personal items are on the auction block. antique broaches, diamond encrusted rings and costumes. one diamond and platinum flower broach is valued at 30 to $50,000. the auction runs through june 22. a part of the proceeds from the auction will ben fit san rafael based guide dogs for the blind. rivers was a long time supporter of the organization. also on the auction block this weekend, an unprecedented piece of disney history. >> serene branson on the southern california widow who discovered her late husband's work was worth a fortune. >> i knew it was there. found it after he passed away. >> reporter: bula rake is talking about the 1955 plot
6:42 pm
plan of disneyland, handwritten manuals and the railroad drawn by her husband don rake who passed away a few years ago. >> he told me about working at disneyland before they opened. so, he was kind of in on the beginnings of it. >> reporter: her husband was an engineer contracted to get the railroad running. a friend helped her post an add online. >> i would have sold them for about a thousand dollars. >> reporter: disney collector david hicks stumbled upon the ad. so the two meet. upon seeing the not plan and all of the documents, hicks knew he was looking at an unprecedented piece of disney history. >> i am amazed at what i saw. a little disappointed because i knew i could never afford them. told her she was sitting on a gold mine. >> i had no idea. until kevin told me what he had found out they were worth.
6:43 pm
i had no idea. >> she was so sweet. who could do that to her? take it for $2,000? >> reporter: so, he connected her with a gallery who specializes in animation art and auctions. >> you go wow, how can this exist? >> reporter: he estimate it is collection is worth 20 to $30,000. >> this was a gentleman who at the last minute just a few months before the park was opened, was called in. they said hey, we need help. >> reporter: rake did the work at his kitchen table at night and already had a job when disney offered him one. >> walt was a perfectionist and here is the guy he needed to make that railroad what it is. >> whoever gets these, i hope they enjoy them and appreciate them for what they are. >> the wonderful world of disney. several original items from the very first mickey mouse cartoons are up for auction.
6:44 pm
the first mickey mouse watch. well, what goes up must come down. and that is the tricky part. a trio of astronauts come back to solid ground after six months in space. >> temperatures at least are soaring. we will let you know how high for father's day. then there is this father. >> yeah. we got the warriors injury update. and what was now former giant tim lincum doing in oakland? ,,,,
6:45 pm
(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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launched from the internat this morning to >> strapped into a still used spacecraft, three space explorers were launched to head back to earth and end the 186 day mission. the russian cosmonaut and british astronaut landed in kazakhstan. it was a bumpy landing but crews were there to help them out. all three are in good health and spirit. >> instead of a splash down, more of a smash down. we have fairly warm temperatures on the way for the bay area. not record setting territories like the desert southwest.
6:48 pm
it is nice. as we look toward the bay bridge, concord is at 83 degrees. san francisco, 69 degrees. and for father's day, it will be warm, around the bay and inland. the heat is on. especially in southwest. excessive heat warnings posted for the south land and southern arizona. high pressure builds. temperatures will be climbing. to above average in san francisco tomorrow. five degrees above average. concord 91. san jose, 88. oakland, 78 degrees. down in the south bay, the numbers mostly in the mid 80s to low 90s . morgan hill all the way up to 93 degrees. in beautiful cupertino, home of apple computer, 91. a few other people as well. temperatures in the low 90s for the east bay. 80 for vallejo. in the north bay tomorrow, clear skies. doesn't look like much in the way of cloudiness. a good day to take the dog to
6:49 pm
the dog park, vern. 90 kentville. 88 santa rosa. around ukiah, mid to upper 80s . we will be looking for numbers to approach the mid 90s by monday and tuesday. and then, for the latter half of the week, we are looking for numbers to cool back down into the upper 80s . right through next weekend, looks like plenty of sun. a nice father's day on tap. vern? indeed. indeed. indeed. and here i am. nba finals news and notes. the first finals game seven for cleveland and golden state. who is going to contain lebron james? got to put a body on him. a healthy andre iguodala might help. this was him in game six. back pain. he plans to play sunday. he did not practice with the team and elected to get treatment instead. cleveland fans have waited a
6:50 pm
long time for a major championship of any time. you have to go back to the cleveland browns featuring jim brown. 52 years. lebron james clearly tired of hearing about that. >> you have to know the answers to the questions. we win, we take care of business. it is something our city has not had in a very long time. so that is the obvious. baseball, check who is back. strange to see tim lincecum. first inning, timmy going off speed. danny valencia wavered at it to end the inning. they sent andrew trigs out there and mike trout sent back a fourth inning solo job. triggs was done after one inning. 5-1, angels in the sixth. bases loaded for trout. billy burns got to move.
6:51 pm
got to move, got to go. no. two runs scored. angels led 7-1. some good defense behind tim . home standing tried. up 3-1 in the fifth. joe panic off his melon. a bases loaded plunk. one run game. same score, eighth inning. brandon crawford found a hole. a two-out gaper. brought home buster posey to tie it. 9th inning. two on. joe panic, have yourself a day the giants stay hot seven straight wins. they lead the west by seven games. off the shores outside
6:52 pm
pittsburgh. round three, u.s. open. world's number one jason day off. get back into it. dustin johnson a three. was it enough? got a two-shot lead. took a double bogey. lee westwood at five. be in the club. be in the club. how about his second hole out of the championship. shane lowry. and it is butter. tapped in. two up on the field. so ... play was suspended because of darkness. they will finish the third round in the morning. major rookie andrew landry is two back off the lead. jordan spieth is nine shots off
6:53 pm
the lead. that, your u.s. open update. >> love it. >> yeah. >> all right. thank you vern. let's do this. >> and, still to come, this military dad is all the buzz at his kid's school after pulling off a surprise homecoming. just in time for father's day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
his two young sons.. just in time for father's day. army sergeant first class maximiliano guerra has beenn >> finally tonight, an american hero is back home. >> it has been a rough week for news so we thought we would leave you smiling. maximiliana had been on duty
6:56 pm
out of the country for months. he strolled in. when his sons were called up to find out who was underneath the suit, he got quite a shock. >> what? no hug? >> daddy! >> i was overwhelmed and they were so surprised. their faces! they didn't know what to do! they were ready for it. >> this is the sergeant's first army deployment. his sons lucas and sebastian are thrilled to have their dad back for the summer and so is mom jenna as well. he's back. those stories get me every time. >> you know, you have kids. you know. it makes me think do your kids kind of forget you? not forget you but make you go wait a minute. >> they had to do a real quick double take. they will get back right in the swing of things. dad? take me to the park. thanks for watching. we'll see you back at 11:00. >> for news throughout the
6:57 pm
evening go to goodnight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> announcer: the following program is sponsored by operation smile. every three minutes, a child is born with cleft lip or cleft palate. in many countries, they can't get the surgery they need. >> interpreter: i feel bad when they stare at her. they say, "look how ugly she is."
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i feel very happy. i don't know how to explain it. she looks brand-new. >> interpreter: he gets upset when he drinks because it falls out of his mouth. before, he looked so different, but now he looks good, and that make py. he's very handsome now. >> interpreter: people say he was born like a monster. we have prayed for this moment to happen. he's gorgeous, precious - very precious. no one is going to recognize him at home. ♪ >> imagine if your child were born with a cleft lip or cleft palate and you were too poor to afford the surgery to repair it. you'd feel helpless, left to watch your child grow up rejected and bullied. that's the heartbreaking reality


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